Video Wall

Give your images a space on your wall

What is a video wall?

Video walls come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for various purposes: entertainment (experience), information provision, advertising, branding or even as a presentation tool in your meeting room. The size of the screens, the thickness of the edge, the number of screens, the method of control: all factors that determine the effectiveness of a video wall. Vision2Watch is happy to determine the right solution together with you.


Based on your wishes and budget, we can choose a certain configuration with the associated benefits. In combination with the software narrowcasting software we have developed, you can display the most beautiful presentations remotely on the video wall, including automatic content overviews, such as news, weather and traffic. You can also provide this content (remotely) with a schedule / schedule.

Video wall possibilities

A video wall can be built in many ways. With Vision2Watch, the options are virtually unlimited. In addition, a part of the possible configurations of our video wall can be found.


It is important to take the bezel of the LED screens into account. The bezel of an LED screen is the border that surrounds the screen. The wider the bezel, the thicker the seam between the screens if they are mounted against each other (bezel to bezel). There are video wall screens on the market with a bezel of centimeters but also screens with a bezel of only a few millimeters (ultra narrow bezel). Depending on your wishes and the application, one screen may be better suited than the other.

Video wall configurations

In addition to good materials, mounting a video wall requires the necessary knowledge and experience. The individual screens must be perfectly connected to ensure a nice overall picture. It is also desirable for the wall frame to allow a screen to be brought forward when necessary, for example for service work. Our experts are only professionals who can quickly and professionally mount your video wall and deliver it in working order.


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