From interactive tables to lcd screens

How does the interactive table work?

These solutions are available in various sizes and can be supplied with a Windows 7 embedded computer system. Finger, pen and stylus movements are detected, which allow you to apply various multi-touch functionalities such as writing, drawing, taking notes, highlighting and more.

What can the touchscreen table do?

An example is the interactive touch table: an interactive table with a touch LCD screen and sound. With the interactive table you can make your campaign, brochure or other medium available to the public interactively. Thanks to the high quality and the different touch options, the interactive table is the perfect way to show your advertisement. The interactive table is among other things possible with: Html5, Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Flash.


Interactive window solutions are easy to install and easy to use. A transparent touch foil is mounted on the inside of your window or window, with the images visible from the outside. Without any "fixed" external components you can be sure that the interactive window functions 24/7.

What are the benefits of a touchscreen for your company?

  • It offers your customers interactive entertainment and information

  • It offers you an innovative platform

  • Is easy to operate

  • Generate extra income through advertisements

  • It offers you the opportunity to convey your message in a unique way

  • Customized content

  • Can be perfectly aligned on the bar / table, whatever its shape


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