LED Displays

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What is a LED display?

Outdoor video screens are increasingly reflected in the streets. From the somewhat smaller LED screens with functional information to the mega LED video screens on, for example, squares and against large buildings. The LED video screens of Vision2Watch are of pure visual magic. The LEDs used by us are selected in such a way that they meet the strictest requirements. A variety of information can be displayed on the screens with powerful, stable digital signage software: from advertisements to real-time weather information or images live from a camera.

FLEXIBle LED screen

If a curvature of the LED video wall is required, then the flexible LED displays are the solution. The robust but highly flexible modules can handle all kinds of bends effortlessly and seamlessly. The modules are very light in weight and have a minimum thickness. The solution for challenging designs!


Do you have a building with a large glass front? Then it becomes very difficult to mount an LED screen there because of the weight. Moreover, a standard LED screen also blocks a lot of light.


The glass LED displays then offer the solution. These lightweight displays have a transparency value of more than 80%, so you can still look outside. Due to the high light intensity of these screens, the image is still perfectly legible even in full sunlight.


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