Holografische displays op maat!

What is a holobox?

The Holo Box uses the pepper’s ghost technique to create the illusion of a real hologram. Vision2Watch can develop customized animation for you.


The Holobox comes in a number of different variants:

  • Single sided: you can only see the product and animation from the front

  • Double-sided: visible both from the front and from the rear

  • Pyramid: visible from 3 sides or even all around!


This technology offers a unique experience that gives your product extra attention. Where you place a Holobox, people will stop and watch. This gives your product the attention it deserves.

What does a holobox do?

With the Holobox you can present products and brands in a new refreshing way in shops, trade shows, events and all other places where visitors' attention is wanted. After all, everything revolves around differentiation compared to your competitors. The Holobox creates a "Stop and Wonder" effect and draws attention to your brand or product.


A special construction allows the visitor to look through the Holobox, creating an exciting spatial effect that can be compared to a hologram: your 3D animation seems to float freely in the box. The Holobox offers the possibility to place your physical product within the animation and to bring it to life in a unique way. For example, it appears in the image on the right that the Coke bottle has started to lead a life of its own because there is an animated text floating around it: ideal for marketing purposes. The Holobox is also very suitable for delivering 3D models of your (technical) product to your audience. present.

What are the benefits of the holobox for you?

  • A guaranteed eye catcher

  • Brings extra attention to your product

  • Your potential customers are entertained while you get to know the product

  • Easy installation at almost any location

  • Sustainable Available in sizes from 15 to 60 inches; larger on request

  • The Holo Box can be purchased or rented


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