building projection

Let your building come to life!

How does projection on buildings work?

A Vision2Watch specialist will first perform a site survey, in which various photos are taken and everything is measured. After this a "map" is made of the outside of the building. This is used to create an animation that perfectly matches the lines, windows and other features of the building. After this the animation is made by our 3D designers. Once the animation is complete, the projector can be placed on or near the building. The animation is aligned with the building using special software. This makes the animation fit the building perfectly.

What does it do?

The name says it all: building projection is a projection on a building. By projecting a 3D animation aligned with the shape and the windows of a building, a unique experience is created. Think of items that move around pillars or objects that fly out of the windows of a building. With building projection you know one thing for sure: you are the talk of the day.


Building projection can be applied in different places: next to highways, at events or in the middle of a center. An application is to use building projection for the (re) opening of a building. One thing is certain: you can hardly ignore it. Building projection is a new and innovative way of communication that will certainly be remembered by passers-by.

Projection on buildings

  • Make your building stand out

  • Gives your message a unique look

  • Low in maintenance

  • Flexible in content, dimensions and effects

  • Can be used almost anywhere

  • Create big impact


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